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MAGA Nerd Roasted For Racist ‘Birther’ Attack On Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign is only a day old and the Trump fans already have the knives out, and by “knives” I mean racist birther-style smears designed to delegitimize her. Our favorite MAGA nerd and fake “hipster coffee shop” devotee Jacob Wohl is back to his old tricks trying to drum up more bullsh*t “controversies” smearing anyone and everyone who might pose a threat to Trump.

When we last checked in with the (somehow always moist) Wohl he was lobbing fake charges of sexual assault at Special Counsel Robert Mueller. That lame attempt at character assassination fell apart when it was revealed Wohl’s “security” company was a sham with the firm’s domain registered in his mother’s name.

Now Wohl is trying to sling mud at Kamala Harris—who was born in Oakland, California—by suggesting she’s not eligible to be president. Wohl claims Harris’ parents weren’t naturalized citizens when she was born, which… doesn’t matter because, again, she was born in the United States.

While the Constitution does require presidents to be born in the United States that requirement obviously doesn’t extend to their parents, something everyone on Twitter was very quick to point out to Wohl.

They also pointed out how damn racist this all is:

And how stupid:

Of course, none of that is going to matter to the right-wing trolls and paranoid retirees keeping MAGA-nation awash in conspiracy theories. The made-up controversy will get sucked up by Fox News reporting on “concern” over Kamala Harris’ background, CNN will report on the “controversy,” “questions will remain,” despite being answered etc. etc.

CNN’s Chris “Let’s Get After It” Cuomo appeared eager to provide a platform to the completely invented “controversy” tweeting his hope that Harris would provide the proper paperwork:


Cuomo got roundly mocked for letting a known liar set a higher bar for Harris than other candidates:

He then deleted his tweet and apologized, twice:

While it seems pretty clear that his original tweet was to get Harris to show her papers, good for Cuomo for coming to his senses. Right-wing agitators count on mainstream media’s false equivalence “both sides” narrative to spread lies, but there’s no reason for anyone to play along.