YouTube Star Jake Paul Made A Tone-Deaf Parkland Shooting Video And People Are Laughing At Him

While the national conversation about gun control in the wake of the latest school shooting has engaged people on all sides of the issue, what it lacked was the input of a YouTube celebrity. Having recently embarrassed himself by trying to profit from showing the dead body of a suicide victim, Logan Paul probably wasn’t the best YouTube thoughtfluencer to thoughtfluence the debate. Thankfully there is another Paul, and Jake Paul is here to save the day.

You may know Jake Paul as the ageless blonde manchild who produces slick YouTube videos with his brother Logan:

Unfortunately, “fun rap bro” Jake Paul is on the sidelines at the moment and a new, Very Serious Jake Paul has emerged. Very Serious Jake Paul has been working on a new Very Serious video about the Parkland school shooting.

We can definitely trust that this version of Jake Paul has the maturity and grasp of the issues and stakeholders to treat school shootings with the seriousness they deserve, right? RIGHT?

Paul debuted his Very Serious video today to… somewhat mixed reaction? Actually, people mostly just made fun of it.

The video is titled “It’s Time To End School Shootings.” Dressed in a somber dark suit with an expression to match, Paul interviewed Parkland survivors and their families about the shooting. He asked them what changes they’d like to see to ensure a school shooting doesn’t happen again.

Among the highlights of the 20-minute video, a bizarrely tone-deaf video chat/interview with Florida Senator Marco Rubio:

At the end of the video, Paul announces his five-point plan to stop school shootings but doesn’t mention the one thing most of the Parkland survivors are demanding: gun control.

Paul’s plan involves bulletproof windows, more resource officers, stricter monitoring of social media, portable bulletproof shields for students, and security checkpoints like the ones at airports.

It was Paul’s comments about social media monitoring that provided the most laughs:

And if Paul wants social media platforms to flag and report accounts that glorify guns, I’ve got some bad news for him.

I guess we know why Jake Paul isn’t into gun control! Yes it turns out Jake Paul is a pretty big gun fan. It’s unclear why he didn’t choose to highlight that in this video about guns ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

All of these solutions are misguided in their own special way, just like the Paul brothers. Bulletproof windows are fine, but it’s going to cost a lot of money to replace every window in every classroom and school are already strapped for resources. Same goes for the bulletproof backpack shields, which retail for hundreds of dollars. Plus, an AR-15 like the one used in Parkland can fire 45 rounds per minute and a staggering 15 rounds per second if modified to be fully automatic. More resource officers sounds like a good idea, but there have been plenty of school shootings at schools that already have resource officers (including Marjory Stoneman Douglas). Plus, resource officers don’t just sit around waiting for a shooting to happen. Instead they tend to fill their time busting students for minor legal offenses, and disproportionately target minorities.

But, credit where it’s due, Paul is doing something substantive. He’s donating $25k to the March For Our Lives, and plans to pay for two buses to get people to the event.

Ok, now we just have to wait for Logan Paul to chime in and we’ll have this whole school shooting thing licked for good.