Rabid Right-Wing Actor James Woods Just Got Dumped By His Agent, And Honestly, Thank God

James Woods — who is, I suppose, technically an actor — has become something of a touchstone for right-wing conservatives on Twitter. Which, essentially, means that he trolls “the libs” with little to no finesse and hurls vitriolic and often hypocritical comments at the drop of a hat.

There was the time when he implied that a “gender creative” child would grow up to murder his parents.

He also once asserted that the acclaimed film Call Me By Your Name was “chipping away the last barriers of decency.” (Nevermind the fact that Woods once dated a 20-year-old when he was 66.)

Basically: we’ve all seen far too many smug and self-satisfied tweets from this washed-up actor as of late, and the majority of them have been wildly offensive and ill-informed.

On July 4, however, the tides turned just a bit. Woods apparently received an email from his “liberal” agent, who declared that it was his “patriotic” duty to drop Woods as a client.

While many conservatives commented in support of Woods, saying that the agent “didn’t deserve him anyway,” most people couldn’t help but giggle.

I mean, the entertainment value is two-fold: 1.) James Woods getting fired for his odious political views is just satisfying in general, and 2.) it’s far more likely that his agent fired him because he’s NOT GETTING ANY ACTING WORK THESE DAYS.

Honestly, I’m sure that right-wingers will be calling for a boycott of Woods’ former agent any day now. (I’m not sure what this would type of boycott entail, but if it involves not working for an agent, I’m pretty sure most aspiring actors in Hollywood are doing that very thing as we speak.)

However, we can all take comfort in the fact that we’ll probably be seeing even less of James Woods than we were before — which is to say, not much.