Actor James Woods Tried To Shame The Parkland Shooting Victims And Twitter Isn’t Happy About It

On-screen but also real-life villain James Woods has once again found himself in hot water after he took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with the Parkland teen survivors for…smiling?

The 70-year-old actor reposted a video of Parkland shooting survivors Emma González, Cameron Kasky and Jaclyn Corin smiling before their appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, captioning it “Grief wears many faces…”

Now, whether Woods A) expected these teenagers to never crack a smile again for the remainder of their lives or B) thought a clip promoting the Ellen DeGeneres show should have aimed to depress, is unclear. It probably wouldn’t stretch the imagine far to say James Woods has probably never seen the Ellen show, considering his disdain for the LGBT community.

Anyway, Twitter wasn’t buying the idea that smiling at any point after a tragedy makes one a scumbag, and they brought the fire.

Several Twitter users noted how– though Wood meant it as a diss– grief really does wear many faces. Hence the expression.

Many mentioned how even at funerals, smiling and laughter is often seen as a celebration of life rather than a lack of respect towards the dead:

And others still were baffled by Wood’s quick condemnation of Parkland teens’ joy and simultaneous lack of commentary on Trump’s behavior:

Then there was this lowest of blows:

🙁 Sorry James Woods. You don’t get a free pass to be a jerk ’til infinity just because you were in Videodrome.