Twitter Blasts Fox News For Wrongfully Going After Jamie Lee Curtis

Because Fox News apparently doesn’t understand what “acting” entails, on Wednesday, they tweeted about actor Jamie Lee Curtis carrying a gun in her new Halloween movie, despite the fact that in real life she’s an advocate for gun control. Can you imagine? A person doing something in a movie that they wouldn’t do in real life? Next you’ll tell me that Keanu Reeves isn’t really named John Wick and hasn’t killed dozens, if not hundreds, of men.

It’s interesting that with the current news cycle, Fox doesn’t have anything more important to report than this non-story. But on the upside, Twitter did what it does best and made with the memes. Such good memes, too!



Even God weighed in!

Fox News was just begging to be made fun of., who love to mock Donald Trump, got in on it, tweeting the definition of acting. There’s almost nothing better than a dictionary trolling people.

And a few people joked about Donald Trump’s role in Home Alone, in which he helps a lost child instead of putting him in a child detention center, which is what he’d rather do, given his druthers.

Cartoonist Tom Tomorrow summed it up well, writing, “It explains a lot if you realize that Fox News and their viewers can’t distinguish between fantasy and reality.”


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.