Presidential Son-In-Law Jared Kushner Loses His Security Clearance, Is Roasted Into A Crisp

Jared Kushner, husband of first daughter Ivanka Trump and senior adviser to the president, has finally been stripped of his top-secret security clearance. Though a Kushner spokesperson said this clearance downgrade will not affect Kushner’s work or ability to do his job, Twitter isn’t buying it and apparently neither did Chief of Staff John Kelly, who had the final say.

Kushner isn’t the only White House employee to go through a reevaluation of sorts. After wife-beater Rob Porter— who was hired on by Kelly— was found to have been reading top secret material, the Chief of Staff vowed changes. According to The New York Times,

Mr. Kushner’s business background, and the well-publicized financial woes of his family’s real estate empire, have long raised concerns in American security agencies that foreign governments might try to gain influence inside the Trump White House by trying to do business with the president’s son-in-law.

Jared Kushner quickly became a trending topic on Twitter as the roasting commenced:

Many maintained that the White House’s insistence Kushner’s downgrade will not affect his job is worrisome at best and straight up lies at worst.

And reminded us to stay wary of Kushner’s supposed ignorance. He is, after all, a member of Donald Trump’s family.

Somehow, this isn’t even the most troubling aspect of Jared Kushner’s involvement with anything White House related. More worrisome is this Washington Post investigation which reveals Kushner’s business interests in China, Israel, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates were manipulating “Kushner’s financial needs and his lack of foreign policy experience in order to better serve their own interests.” In fact, these foreign powers were so intent on taking advantage of Kush’s ignorance they “even refused to talk to more experienced American officials and insisted on only communicating with Kushner.”

But tell me about that WITCH HUNT again?