Google Translate’s Hidden Joke About Flat Earthers Deserves A Round Of Applause

Of all the conspiracy theories still being voiced among D-list celebrities, athletes, and people who watch Alex Jones to get their news, the one deeming the Earth a flat circle is the most baffling.

The engineers over at Google managed to find a subtle way to troll these misguided deflectors of science — They hid an Easter egg in Google Translate calling flat-Earthers crazy.

Were one to go to Google Translate and type the words “I am a flat earther” in English, one would see that the French translation reads, “Je suis un fou.” If one were then to “swap languages,” Google’s retranslation for “Je suis un fou” would read, “I am a crazy person.”

All jokes aside, it’s far more likely you’ll encounter the usage of “flat-Earther” to refer to anyone “whose beliefs are regarded as outmoded, irrational, reactionary, etc.” than to someone who actually believes the Earth is flat.

The responses to Reddit user Orange-Crocs, who initially brought this to the world’s attention over the weekend, were multifold. While some couldn’t believe it was real, others took the opportunity to translate the concept into other languages — where it just isn’t the same.

Google tends to crowdsource its translations, begging the question: Did enough enough people just verify this translation so the top result calls flat-Earthers crazy? Are there flat-Earthers in France? And how did the American education system fail these people so epically?