Jewish Airplane Passenger Writes Heart-Breaking Note To Man In MAGA Hat

A Jewish woman, who identified herself as Merissa, wrote a very kind and emotional note to a man wearing a red MAGA hat on a plane to Los Angeles. The woman was traveling to be with her family after the deadly shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and found herself seated a few rows behind the President Donald Trump supporter.

The note was shared on Twitter by Scott Hechinger, a public defender and friend of Merissa’s.

Here’s a better picture of the note, which Merissa decorated with little hearts to make it clear that her intentions were benevolent.

The note begins with Merissa referring to the man as “Dear Sir in the Pretty Red Hat.”

She went on to introduce herself and tell him she was seated behind him. She explained that she was in Los Angeles because her family lived there. She told him that they were Jewish, and that most of her family was killed during the Holocaust, except for the five that survived. She added that her father says they were “born with anguish.”

Next, she told the man that the reason she was going to Los Angeles to see her family was that she was terrified and didn’t want to be alone after the shooting spree that took the lives of 11 Jewish people over the age of 55.

She then brought up the fact that, after the massacre, Trump suggested that the people worshiping in the synagogue would have been fine had there been an armed guard there to protect them. She asked him, “Do you have an armed guard when you pray? God should be safe to convene with, right?” I don’t think anybody could argue with that.

She wrote that “A lot of people were upset, angry, & scared when they saw your hat.” She added that she hoped that for him, wearing the hat was about “politics, economics & the support of a charismatic man.” She asked if he meant “to scare black people, Jews, & immigrants,” because, as she wrote, “To us your hat sanctions our death, our murder, our evisceration. Because your hat supports a man who does little to help us & so much to fuel hatred, violence & cruelty.”

She ended the note by saying that she felt love for the man, and that she hoped his “good America” didn’t “include flushing [her] and [her] people out.”

According to Hechinger’s tweet, the man read the whole note, but there’s no information on what, if any, his reaction was.

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Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.