Jim Carrey’s Newest Cartoon Masterpiece Is A Scathing Dig At Brett Kavanaugh

Actor Jim Carrey is making a second career out of art, and his drawings are all highly political in nature. He’s taken on the likes of Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Steve Bannon, and Sarah Sanders, to name just a few.
His latest target is conservative SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who has now been accused by no fewer than three women of sexual assault during his high school and college years.

Along with the portrait of Kavanaugh in a balaclava, Carrey wrote “Colleges care more about donors than the victims of on-campus rape. That’s why women don’t report it and why ENTITLED LITTLE SHITS like Injustice Kavanaugh get to party and pillage their way to the Supreme Court.I’d like to suggest a new uniform for the highest court in the land.”

As always, fans of his paintings on Twitter let him know how much they love and support his political art.

Carrey, 56, has been posting his satirical cartoons to social media for nearly two years, and now he’s finally getting a solo gallery show in Los Angeles. His artwork will be on display from October 13 to November 10 at Maccarone in a show called “IndigNation: Political Cartoons by Jim Carrey, 2016-2018.” According to Artnet, the show will include approximately 80 sketches and a single painting. And yes, the show’s run is purposely scheduled to coincide with the November 6 midterm elections.


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.