Jim Carrey’s Latest Masterpiece Is A Truly Savage Dig At Trump’s ‘Space Force’

Jim Carrey has enough satirical Trump artwork to open his own modern art museum. His subjects have included Sarah Sanders, cartoonishly corrupt EPA head Scott Pruitt, Paul Ryan, and Marco Rubio, among others.

He has also depicted the White House as the satanic hellhole it has certainly become, cast Lady Liberty as a cancer patient recovering from the racist “illness” plaguing America, and reimagined Trump’s disastrous immigrant policy in a far more accurate likeness.

Russia has not been exempt. About a month ago, Carrey expertly mocked the “would/wouldn’t” debacle after Trump said (definitely on accident!!!) that he didn’t see why it would be Russia that hacked the election. (Trump later clarified, saying he meant “wouldn’t,” instead of would.”)

Twitter – @JimCarrey

On August 10, Jim Carrey deputed another timely piece to his Twitter art gallery. “Has your Presidency jumped the shark?” reads the actor/artists’ caption, “Better call SPACE FORCE! To stupidity and beyond!!!”

The caption, which is a play on Buzz Lightyear’s iconic catchphrase from Pixar masterpiece “Toy Story,” is a response to Donald Trump’s proposed new military division “Space Force.” The cartoon accompanying it features Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in astronaut suits reading “Space Force” above a decal of the American flag.

The actor, as has been his custom of late, also included a link to the voter registration website Twitter loved it.

Earlier that week, Carrey explained that his caricatures weren’t so much part of a plan as a necessity for him. “It’s not a choice to be doing the cartoons. I’m doing (them) because I can’t just watch this nightmare unfold,” he said Monday during a Television Critics Association Press Tour stop.

“It’s just a civilized way of dealing with it, to get on board with as many other voices as possible that are shouting from the rooftops.”