Jim Carrey Paints White House As Satanic Hellhole

Jim Carrey’s latest artistic masterpiece is a vision of the White House as many currently see it: Hell itself. Leading up to this apogee, a steady stream of in-your-face political works have adorned the actor’s Twitter page. Not least among these is his submission of Trump’s semi-nude official portrait to the Smithsonian National Portrait gallery in March — this delightful piece titled “You Scream. I Scream. Will We Ever Stop Screaming?”

His take on scandal-clad EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt was nothing short of savage. The head of the Environmental Protection Agency, who is guilty of accepting bribes from energy lobbyists and is as corrupt as they come, is shown with a pipeline running through directly where the sun don’t shine and exiting out of his mouth.

Carrey has also given his take on the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance immigration policy, which sees migrant children being taken from their parents’ arms by ICE agents and held in literal cages with no plan for reunion. He painted a scared child being held by the scruff of the shirt, the words “I want my mommy” escaping from his mouth.

The actor showed his disdain for the Singapore meeting between Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un by painting Kim in a missile costume that reads, “I starved my people to make this missile” while holding a sign identifying him as “Little Rocket Man,” Trump’s preferred nickname for the dictator until several months ago.

Carrey’s latest work could be considered an amalgamation of his Trump White House critiques. The piece depicts the entrance of the White House, the windows of which are crowded by glowing sets of eyes.

Carrey’s caption — a spin on Mark 5:1-20 — reads: “And as the sun set upon the White House all its windows danced with glowing eyes — and demons’ voices growled to the prisoner within, saying, ‘Our name is legion, for we are many. You will be our hands in the world. It’s time for us to Tweet again.’”

The original Bible passage this twee seems to be based off tells the tale of a possessed man who was inconsolable because the town keeps him chained to a cave and also because he wouldn’t stop cutting himself with rocks (today we would call this abuse of a man suffering from mental illness.)

Jesus asks him his name, and the man replies, “My name is Legion, for we are many.” Then, somewhat dramatically and unnecessarily, Jesus casts the spirits from the man and into a large herd of pigs, who proceed to immediately run into a nearby river to drown themselves.

The possessed man in Carrey’s analogy is presumably Donald Trump, whose policy decisions seem to be influenced almost entirely by Fox News. Yesterday, Ann Coulter said the images of crying children at the border being shared widely by news networks are actually fabricated photos of child actors. She looked directly into the camera and warned Donald Trump not to trust any others news sources besides Fox News. To assert that the president is backed, influenced, and encouraged by an army of heartless demons is not unfair.