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Jimmy Kimmel Tricked Trump Supporters Into Believing Trump Is Sending The Statue Of Liberty Back To France

Trump supporters should beware Jimmy Kimmel’s fake news! It’s true that President Donald Trump did not have a great visit with French president Emmanuel Macron. First, Macron absolutely brutalized Trump’s hand in a handshake, which is usually Trump’s go-to move. Next, Macron gave a speech about how nationalism (something Trump has recently decided is good) is actually the opposite of patriotism.

But what’s not true is the Jimmy Kimmel Live! team’s proclamation that Trump wants to send the Statue of Liberty, a gift from France in 1886, back to France. (Side note: how scary is it that the president is so bonkers we really could see him doing that? Answer: very.)

On Tuesday, Kimmel’s team hit the streets in search of people gullible enough to believe that Trump is going to deport the Statue of Liberty, and to believe that Gerard Depardieu is the president of France.

And boy, did they find some.


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.