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People On Twitter Can’t Get Over This Bonkers ‘Dystopian’ Job Listing For Millennials

Imagine this scenario: you’re working at a hotel, at the front desk checking in guests. But you’re also cooking for the guests, filling and refilling their drinks, cleaning the rooms, and taking reservations. This sounds a bit like a nightmare, but it’s just the description for a job at a hotel called the Radisson Red in Glasgow.

A Twitter user named Toby Millard (@tobymillard) posted screenshots of the totally bonkers job description on Twitter, writing, “Honestly can’t stop reading this mental job advert. It’s an absolute dystopian masterpiece.”

The post begins with the hotel claiming they “connect with that ageless millennial mindset” and that they don’t have staff, they have “creatives.” UH-OH.

The job description describes the perfect candidate handling just about every aspect of the hotel, all with a wink and a smile.

And the hotel management suggested that people apply by sending links to their Instagram accounts or just selfies.

People on Twitter couldn’t get over how ridiculous the job sounded.

Radisson Red (

And many of them had questions.

People imagined other ways to apply for the job.

Some folks pointed out that this actually sounds a lot like other service industry jobs.

It’s one thing to expect a lot of your employees, but Red is taking it to whole new levels.

Not only do people not want to work for Red, they also don’t really want to STAY at Red.


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