Justin Trudeau Is Infinitely Smarter Than Donald Trump In Viral Comparison Video

A viral comparison video posted by PoliticsVideoChannel is (finally) demonstrating just how bad Donald Trump is at explaining things, possibly because his knowledge is limited to what channel Fox and Friends is on and when.

The video shows Prime Minister Justin Trudeau explaining, in a concise yet perfectly understandable fashion, how quantum computing works in comparison to a typical computer. I’m an English major and I still basically understood him. Then it shows Donald Trump trying to explain what uranium is.

According to the President, it has something to do with nuclear weapons and “other things,” and some “things” can be done with it, including bad “things.”

That’s all, folks.

What we need now is a series of these videos. There’s no shortage of videos in which Trump is trying to explain or generally communicate something using an incomprehensible word salad that is more difficult to parse out than ancient, crumbling hieroglyphics from Ancient Egypt.

It’s so bad that analysts have spent their valuable time trying to figure out if the President’s babbling is a secret scheme to conceal the truth. That would make more sense if Trump wasn’t so willing to just out-and-out lie, all the time, every day. Could it be that Donald Trump does, in fact, know as much about politics and uranium as the average four-year-old?

There must be plenty of footage of decent politicians explaining political concepts that can be compared to Trump Trump-splaining. Get on it, internet. The people clearly love this.

We joke because we poor saps living in the U.S. are, for the first time ever, jealous of Canada.

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