Kent State Gun Chick Mocks TSA Agents In Baffling Tweet

Kaitlin Bennett (‘Kent State Gun Chick’) is no stranger to controversy. In fact, controversy is sort of her MO, so much so that it is difficult to believe she isn’t constantly trolling—and her Wednesday night Twitter post is no exception.

Bennett posted a photo of herself wearing a MAGA hat next to an airport TSA security line in order “to remind everyone their jobs are disposable and they’re non-essential.”

“Their paychecks come from someone else’s paychecks. What a world we live in where we accept that,” she wrote, adding the hashtags “#AbolishTheTSA” and “#TaxationIsTheft.”

There’s…a lot to unpack here.

For one, federal workers—such as TSA—worked during President Trump’s government shutdown because they are essential to national security.

Putting aside for a moment her unnecessary attack on TSA agents—an altogether baffling target—Bennett doesn’t seem to realize that completely disposing of airport security is the most efficient way to open American borders.

Furthermore—as Twitter user @timothydozier pointed out—if Bennett does not support “paychecks coming from someone else’s paychecks,” that doesn’t just make her anti-TSA (again, why???) but it also makes her “anti-military anti-law enforcement anti-fire department anti-border patrol anti-wall anti-roads anti-bridges,” as well as anti-schools, anti-veteran, anti-space exploration, anti-Medicare, and more.

Twitter was just as confused.

So there you have it. Kent State Gun Chick has unwittingly endorsed open borders while for some reason trying to diss TSA agents. Imagine thinking you’re better than people making an honest living by keeping transportation safe for U.S. citizens.