Fans Are Livid At These Videos Of The Kardashians Glorifying Anorexia

People are furious after the Kardashian-Jenners posted a series of tone-deaf Instagram videos last night celebrating Kim Kardashian’s extreme weight loss.

The fuss is well-deserved: the reigning Kardashian Kween has been on a mission to revamp her body since a series of unflattering photos went viral last year, and her mission has been accomplished.

The public outrage is arguably well-deserved too. Kim dressed up in a pair of skin-tight high-waisted PVC pants and filmed her sisters, backstage at a charity poker event last night, freaking out in turn over her teeny body — in terms that many felt promoted anorexia.

At one point, Kendall Jenner looks at the camera and says to Kim, “No like I’m really concerned, I don’t think you’re eating.” Kendall went on to say “You’re as tiny as my purse!” as she held up her truly impractically tiny purse. Kim’s response was a faux shock “What?” followed by, “Oh my god, thank you.”

In the next story, Khloé Kardashian tells Kim, “I’ve never seen a human being look as good. You are a walking FaceTune doll.” The comments continue in the next several Instagram stories.

At one point Kim films Khloé’s conversation with her best friend Malika. “She’s eating just celery,” says Khloé. “And different flavors of oxygen,” replies Malika.

Khloé finally says, “Kimberly, you’re literally, I can see through you,” to which Kim replies,  “I’m down to 119 pounds. I will say when I take out my hair extensions I am less.”

“Your hair extensions, your ass, your tits, everything, they’re heavy, cause she’s f*cking voluptuous,” says Khloé. “But she’s anorexic here,” she adds, pointing to Kim’s waist, “her arms are like pin thin, they”re like my pinky.” Kim laughed in response, concluding the series of videos.

For obvious reasons, Kim’s stories met  severe backlash from fans and critics angry at the insensitive commentary surrounding eating disorders.


The comments are an especially bad look considering the charity event sought to raise money for a cancer center. Kim’s videos come less than a month after the beauty mogul promoted appetite suppressant lollipops on her Instagram.