‘F*** Kavanaugh’ Lipstick Is The Perfect Fall Shade For Woke Women Everywhere

In the midst of all of the political controversy surrounding the Supreme Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, it’s clear that women everywhere are looking for an outlet for their aggression. While throwing shoes at politicians has become frowned upon since the iconic George Bush double shoe throw, we must find other (less aggressive) ways to stick it to the man.
Thanks to political beauty company Lipslut, you can now lipstick it to the man with their new “F*ck Kavanaugh” lipstick.

The matte liquid lipstick is a shade of red, which the company deems “cool, calm, and collected,” ironically. The site also promises that in the wake of the recent allegations and controversy surrounding Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, 100% of the earnings from this particular sale will go towards helping anti-sexual assault organizations–one of your choice. The company writes:

These organizations are to be chosen by the people, as with every lipstick purchased comes an opportunity to vote.


To make the lipstick even more perfect, the company promises that the beauty product is vegan and cruelty-free–a double win. And, for only $19.95, you can fight the patriarchy and look fierce while doing so. Imagine when a girl in the bar bathroom asks what shade of lipstick you’re wearing and you get to answer, “F*ck Kavanaugh!” Seriously, iconic.

If you’re feeling even more woke and want to get your peaceful protest on via lipstick, the company also offers a “F*ck Trump” shade,” in a mid-tone nude pink. 50% of all earnings from “F*ck Trump” sales go towards helping civil rights organizations that have been targeted by the current administration.


Talk about the perfect way to lipstick it to the man.