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Keanu Reeves Went To Great Lengths To Please An Awkward, Starstruck Fan Because He’s The Purest Man Alive

Hollywood can truly be a disgusting swamp filled with poisonous, slimy people. Genuine, down-to-earth people are hard to come by in general and doubly hard in show business.

That’s what makes actor and all around-badass Keanu Reeves so refreshing. Even after a long and storied career, Keanu is still known as one of the great people in Tinsel Town.

Just watch Keanu tell Stephen Colbert what happens to us when we die.

How do you not instantly root for a guy like that? He needs to be preserved in amber and protected at all costs.

Writer James Dator inspired the Internet with his Keanu Reeves story from nearly 20 years ago.

Naturally, the entire Internet immediately melted on the spot.

Keep on being you, Keanu!