Kellyanne Conway Fact Checked By Her Own Husband On Twitter

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s most loyal crusader against the truth, appeared on CNN’s ‘Cuomo Prime Time’ to spar with host Chris Cuomo over the now well-substantiated allegations that Trump directed Cohen to make hush money payments to women during the 2016 election in violation of campaign finance law. Kellyanne Conway’s husband George seems like he wasn’t buying it.

Kellyanne Conway started by pointing out that her boss and Cohen’s unindicted co-conspirator is denying both Cohen and AMI CEO David Pecker’s claims that he directed them to arrange for the secret payments to the women:

Just to refresh your memory, the tape Cuomo’s referring to is a secret recording Cohen made in 2015 of the two men discussing how to make the women go away:

Trump, who likes to stiff people who work for him, was late reimbursing Cohen for the payments which led to Cohen paying them off himself later on.

Obviously that’s not quite the slam dunk defense any reasonable person would take as evidence of innocence, so Conway pivoted to discrediting Cohen and Pecker and claiming the payments, made in October of 2016, had nothing to do with helping Trump’s presidential campaign:

This also contradicts what both Cohen and Pecker have said about the payments. This is the crime Cohen pleaded guilty to and the crime a judge sentenced him to three years for committing, so Conway is essentially saying Cohen decided to go to jail for no reason at all.

While Conway’s mudslinging is sure to thrill Trump, there’s one person close to her who didn’t seem too happy about the performance—her husband George.

If that’s not bad enough, George Conway made his (alleged!) subtweet his pinned tweet:


And people certainly noticed George Conway’s public contradiction of his wife’s embarrassing dissembling:

Conway went all-in on his criticism this morning in another subtweet directed at anyone who gives their loyalty to Trump:

It’s also worth noting Cuomo got plenty of pushback for, once again, providing a platform to a proven liar. Cuomo’s CNN colleague Don Lemon criticized his decision to have Conway on, in part because viewers aren’t served by being lied to:

“It is not a right for someone to come on CNN and lie and deflect,” Lemon said during the toss. “This was a defective, dismissive and histrionic display of non-answers.”

h/t: Huffington Post