Kent State Gun Chick Returns To Kent State Undercover To Find Out What People Think Of Her

Kaitlin Bennett, a.k.a. the Kent State gun girl whose name you didn’t know until I started this sentence with it, went back to Kent State this week to get more attention. She’s clearly an insatiable attention needer, but this is above and beyond.

This time, instead of walking around toting an AR-15, Bennett donned a floral baseball cap and a pair of the fakest glasses available and went around asking people what they thought of the “Kent State gun girl” as though it wasn’t completely obvious that she was talking about herself.

In her tweet, which had almost as many responses as it did retweets, a sure sign of a bad tweet, Bennett wrote, “Yesterday I went undercover at Kent State to ask students what they think of Kaitlin Bennett, the Kent State gun girl. Surprisingly no one recognized me until I took the glasses off.” Uh-huh. Sure they didn’t. Who does she think she is, Clark Kent?

As she interviewed people about what they thought about her, she dramatically pulled off the glasses and said, “What would you say if I told you I am that girl?” Oh, brother. Enough with the thirst for attention. No one cares, lady.

People on Twitter responded in various ways, most of them mocking Bennett for her gun-toting antics and constant need for attention.


Her 15 minutes of fame really are up. No one is interested in her except herself.


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.