Kent State Gun Chick Wants To Deport Ilhan Omar To Mexico

We haven’t heard from Kaitlin Bennet, also known as the privileged woman who made a name for herself by open-carrying big guns on campus, in quite a while. But here she is, as ignorant as ever, tweeting about how we should “build the wall” and then deport Ilhan Omar to “the other side.” Because Representative Ilhan Omar, who has been under attack by Republicans for being a black Muslim woman, definitely looks like someone who was born South of the U.S. border.

Somehow, this tweet is still up over a day after many people pointed out that you can’t deport someone from Somalia – a country on the far Eastern edge of the African continent – to Mexico or anything on “the other side” of that. You also can’t deport a legal citizen, which Omar definitely is, or she would not have been able to run for her seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

This is what happens when you spend your time in college toting around guns and posing for Instagram photos instead of learning.

She also has not bothered to try to explain the tweet despite widespread mockery. Apparently, she was too busy getting kicked out of a Bernie Sanders rally before it started because nobody wanted her there.

According to Bennett, actual fascism is her being told to leave a campaign rally because she has a reputation of carrying guns with her. If you can’t handle the consequences of your actions, you’re going to have a rough time, sweetie.

She also called Bernie Sanders a “communist dictator,” because she apparently doesn’t know that in order to be a dictator, you have to be in charge of the country first. Once he’s president, then you can call him a communist dictator from your publicly-funded internet connection before your free medical exam.

Because she’s going to need a lot of treatment for these burns.

Somalia is Mexico, being mean to Kaitlin is fascism, capitalists are communists, truth is lies, etc.