Kim Davis Must Pay Gay Couples $222,000, Says Kentucky’s Christian Governor

Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who rose to infamy after she refused to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples, could be on the hook for $222,000 after a key ally turned on her. Governor Matt Bevin threw his support behind Davis as part of his gubernatorial campaign in 2015. Now, as governor, he and his lawyers are saying that she should have to pay the legal fees for the same-sex couples who sued the state for denying them their legal civil rights to get married.

This change of heart happened after a court ordered Kentucky taxpayers to pick up the bill for over $220,000 owed to these couples. Now Bevin’s lawyers are saying that Davis acted alone and that she alone should be held responsible for the legal fees.

“Only Davis refused to comply with the law as was her obligation and as required by the oath of office she took,” wrote attorney Palmer G. Vance II.

This is the subject of a current legal battle between Davis and Bevin. The court has yet to decide whether the same-sex couples’ legal fees should be paid by those who caused the problem in the first place. If they decide that the fees should be covered, the court will then have to decide who pays – Davis herself or the people of Kentucky who will vote in the next governor’s race.

Another one of Bevin’s lawyers, Steve Pitt, says that Bevin still doesn’t think that Davis did anything wrong, but that if the legal system thinks she did, she should be the one to pay the $220,000. With friends like these, right?

Twitter is weighing in on who they think should pay and what they think of Kim Davis.

You’d better start the GoFundMe campaign now, Kim. If they’ll let you.