Hoo Boy, Kim Kardashian Apparently Has Some Top-Secret Beef With Jack In The Box

When it comes to online showdowns between two established brands, we’re usually expecting a fast food restaurant completely obliterating another on Twitter.

After all, who can forget Wendy’s going on an online tear against their competition?

But today, we saw a different fast food-based showdown. None other than reality star and extremely weird sink-owner Kim Kardashian and curly fry king Jack In The Box.

Kim threw the first stone by deciding to announce to the world that she had a serious complaint, but that she totally wasn’t putting them on blast by declaring it on a public forum to her 60 million followers.

A lot of questions are raised. What is the serious complaint? How did she get a hold of the corporate email inbox? Couldn’t she just DM Jack in the Box? Who is the team member that will be forced to handle this drive-thru drama?

But the mystery only deepened when Kim clarified that it wasn’t for something as small as a wrong order. Oh, no. This was about something she witnessed while apparently deep under cover and unrecognizable.

Still more questions were raised. What were the customers so affected by and, where was this Jack In The Box that no one inside recognized Kim Kardashian, possibly the most-recognizable and never low-key person on earth?

How and undercover Kim Kardashian may have presented herself to infiltrate the Jack in the Box undetected

Naturally, Twitter had some #thoughts.

Of course, other fast food brands had to take the opportunity to dunk on the competition.

And, while Jack in the Box reached out in good faith…

We are still no closer to figuring out what went down. Hopefully all will be answered soon enough, but in the meantime…