A Kind Man Drove A Stranger 400 Miles To Visit His Dying Mother

The most kindhearted people are the ones that go out of their way to help a stranger and ask for nothing in return. The people who live to help others without seeking any credit or acknowledgment. One such kind soul named Dean Moore drove a stranger on the side of the road 400 miles to visit his dying mother.

Sharleen and Ron Gillies were driving from Edinburgh to Cambridge to visit Ron’s terminally ill mother when they had a minor accident that left them stranded on the side of the road.

Ron Gilles

According to BBC, the couple was halfway to their destination near the town of Stockton-on-Tees when the accident happened. It would be three hours until they could get a ride to the nearest train station and the couple didn’t know what to do.

That’s when 40-year-old Dean Moore happened to be driving down the road and noticed the stranded pair. Without hesitation, Moore offered to give them a ride to their next destination.

Dean Moore

“Dean said I will drive you,” Ron told The Gazette. “I said you are talking about a round trip of 400 miles. He said, ‘No, I will take you.’ I don’t know how many people would have offered such friendship.”

In total, Moore drove the couple 400 miles roundtrip. He told The Gazette that he would doit again.

Google Maps

“By being kind and giving people your time you can make a bad situation nice by being helpful,” Moore said. “I did what any decent human would have done in that situation.”

When the Gillies finally arrived in Cambridge, Ron was able to see his mother and hold her hand before she died. He said this special moment would not have been possible without Moore’s kindness.

“I just can’t put into words what that lad did for us,” Ron said.

“This happened on the Sunday and she died the next day, she died on Monday. If it hadn’t been for Dean there’s a fair chance we would have not got there in time.”

“People get awards for various things and they are just doing their job, whereas this lad, it wasn’t his job,” Ron said. “He didn’t know us from Adam.”

h/t Insider