30+ People Who Failed So Hard In The Kitchen They Deserve A Lifetime Ban

We usually aren’t ones for harsh judgement of difficult life skills such as cooking, but even we can only turn so many blind eyes to kitchen catastrophes before we literally go blind. That being said, here are some people who deserve never to set foot near an oven or a stove ever again.

1. This cook, who forgot a vital component of the dish:

2. This baker-turned-postmodern-artist:

3. And also this baker, who is going to have to rework their strategy:

4. This chicken nugget magician:

5. The person who disrespected chicken this bad:

6. This failed Snapchat pasta chef:

7. The dude who somehow turned cookies into…??? a loaf ??? I can’t tell.

8. The barista who was so close:

9. The person responsible for these brown sugar pecan bears:


10. The girl who ruined a perfectly good stack of pancakes: