Lara Trump Says It’s OK Workers Are Experiencing A ‘Little Bit Of Pain’ During Shutdown

“Let them eat cake” are words famously attributed to Mary Antoinette but they’d be just as unsurprising coming from Lara Trump, a person who willingly married into the Trump family (via Eric) and who likely considers anyone who makes less than $5 million a year a butler.

Addressing the shutdown in an interview with Bold TV, a conservative web outlet that no one had heard of until now, Trump blamed the Democrats “for playing politics” and went on to say:

“This is so much bigger than any one person. It’s a little bit of pain but it’s going to be for the future of our country. And their children and their grandchildren and generations after them will thank them or their sacrifice right now.”


To be fair Trump amended her incredibly insulting understatement with a glimmer of sympathy, saying:

“I know it’s hard. I know people have families, they have bills to pay, they have mortgagees, they have rents that are due.”

If Lara Trump truly does know those things, it’s only in the most theoretical sense.

Because if she actually knew what it feels like to be one delayed check away from losing your car, losing your house, and losing your next meal she wouldn’t think workers should grin and bear the cost just so that our recalcitrant president can use them as bargaining chips in his never-ending quest for a border wall.

Here’s what that “little bit of pain” looks and sounds like.

In the video below a government employee, who works as a guard at the Smithsonian, implores Mitch McConnell to end the shutdown before she is evicted from her home.

Others gathered outside the Senate to protest, conducting one minute of silence for each of the shutdown’s 32 days.

Some 800,000 federal employees are directly affected by the shutdown and when you consider family members, contractors, and related industries the number is easily in the millions.

These are security guards and airport employees – real people suffering real deprivation and life-altering negative consequences like losing their homes and their ability to buy food and medicine for themselves and their families.

In the interview Lara Trump also claimed that the American people support Donald Trump in shutting down the government to get his wall which is simply not true.

Recent polling shows that the opposite is true.

Most observers with functioning brain cells weren’t impressed with Trump’s painfully out-of-touch remarks.