‘Declare Yourself An Ally’: Over 200 Public Figures Sign Moving Open Letter To Latinx Community

In a move of solidarity and support, over 200 celebrities, labor leaders, civil rights leaders, and activists have signed an open letter standing with the Latinx community.

The letter, titled “Querida Familia Latina,” was written by American Ferrera, Diane Guerrero, Eva Longoria, Alex Martinez Kondracke, Monica Ramirez, and Olga Segura. It was printed in The New York Times, El Diario, El Nuevo Herald, and La Opinion.

Selena Gomez, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Dascha Polanco, Gina Rodriguez, Stephanie Beatriz, Melissa Fumero, Ricky Martin, Sandra Cisneros, Zoe Saldana, Dolores Huerta, Rosario Dawson, and Sara Ramirez are along some of the people who signed the letter.


“If you are feeling terrified, heartbroken and defeated by the barrage of attacks on our community, you are not alone,” the letter beings.

“We have been smeared by political rhetoric and murdered in violent hate crimes. We have been separated from our families and have watched our children caged. We have been targeted with mass shootings and mass ICE raids meant to terrify us, squash our hope, and break our spirit.”

“But, we will not be broken. We will not be silenced. We will continue to denounce any hateful and inhuman treatment of our community. We will demand dignity and justice.”

America Ferrera shared the letter on social media, asking followers to “share it and commit to being an ally.”

On Twitter, the hashtag #QueridaFamilia has been trending, with folks showing their love and support for the cause, including Presidential hopeful Julian Castro.

The Querida Familia letter comes after an increase in hate crimes against the Latinx community, including the massacre of 20 people in El Paso by a gunman intent on shooting “as many Mexicans as possible.”

Eva Longoria, who received a Master’s degree in Chicano studies in 2013, emphasized how important solidarity is, especially in today’s hostile climate:

“This is a moment in our nations’ history that we have to show up for — not only for our community, but for every community.”