Lena Dunham Awkwardly Trying To Kiss Brad Pitt On The Red Carpet Is Being Called ‘Assault’

It seems like any time Lena Dunham is in the news, controversy ensues. The Girls star is once again making headlines for her awkward public antics, and this time, it involves Brad Pitt and sexual harassment, because of course it does.

At the London premiere for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Pitt and Dunham appeared together on the red carpet. In the Quentin Tarantino-directed film, Pitt plays a stunt double and Dunham plays a member of the Charles Manson’s cult. While posing for the camera, Dunham plants a kiss onto Pitt, who looks extremely unenthused about being on the receiving end.

In the photo, Pitt isn’t even looking at Dunham, who has her arms wrapped around him as she reaches toward his face. He looks surprised at the kiss, if not weirded out, while Dunham attempts to dominate the photograph.

As many on social media pointed out, this photo speaks to Dunham’s thoroughly-covered lack of personal boundaries. Sure, our culture revolves around oversharing and being as ~relatable~ as possible, but that’s no excuse for crossing the boundaries of others. Did she really need to kiss Pitt on the red carpet? Of course not.

Did she do it to be shocking, or attempt to achieve every commoner’s dream of kissing a famous Hollywood star? Definitely. Neither reason is a good look, because it infringes on Pitt’s right to work the red carpet without being touched — by photographers, fans, and yes, his costars.

When someone acts in an unwanted sexual manner with anyone, it is sexual harassment. Period. it doesn’t matter what gender the abuser and victims are.

We’re not saying the Dunham is abusive, but we are saying that by not obtaining consent from Pitt before a kiss, it’s sexual harassment, and not cool at all. We’re reminded of the famous Victory Parade photo from the end of the World War 2, where a solder returning home kisses a random nurse on the street. As the years have gone by, we’ve come to understand that the photo depicts a sexual assault; the nurse herself in the photo, Greta Zimmer Friedman, said that the kiss was unwanted.

Reverse the roles with Pitt and Dunham, and it seems clear that she crossed a line. On social media, folks agreed that if Pitt had kissed Dunham instead, we’d be having a much different conversation. Twitter user @ztsamudzi made the excellent point that men’s personal spaces are just as important and women’s space, and it’s not a good look for the #MeToo movement if that is ignored.