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This Cow Insemination-Themed Pregnancy Announcement Is Grossing People Out

Babies are a miracle and all that jazz, but pregnancy announcements are getting a little out of control. What ever happened to just calling your closest friends and family and saying, “I’m having a baby?” No, these days you have to film outlandish mega-events to post all over social media, like this livestock-themed pregnancy announcement that is grossing pretty much everyone out.

The mom-to-be is seen seemingly pretending to be a cow that’s just been inseminated in the now-viral photo, as her partner stands beside her holding a sign that simply says “BRED.”

He’s also wearing an elbow-length blue glove, which is what farmers technically use to inseminate cattle, so that’s fun. Not.

Many are comparing this to a Handmaid’s Tale situation, claiming that the idea of inseminating women like lifestock is tacky at best and downright offensive and disgusting at worst. People weren’t shy about expressing their feelings on the photo all over social media, and who could blame them?

“The future conservatives want,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another added: “That feels like it could be from the more rural parts of Gilead in the Handmaid’s Tale universe.”

A Facebook user also posted the photo with the caption, “I’m one more awkward pregnancy announcement away from declaring emancipation from the whole human race.”

It is unclear whether the couple legitimately thought this was funny and did it as a massive joke because they know it’s gross, or if this is actually sincere. I pray it wasn’t the latter, but we’re living in Trump’s America, so you just never know these days.

Either way, I think it’s best if we all just shut our laptop screens and go for a nice walk outside and get some fresh air so we can hopefully erase ever having seen this from our collective memory.