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11-Year-Old Girl Drops The Mic On Tomi Lahren Over Border Wall Funding

Trump’s pet border wall project is in trouble. He doesn’t have enough Republican votes to get his budget through the House of Representatives and Democrats aren’t going to pay for it. Recently, he staged a press ambush to try to force Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to give him some Democratic votes, but they schooled him instead.

Fox News host Tomi Lahren is making a big push for the proposed monument to intolerance on the southern border. It’s not going too well.

Lahren tweeted a plea for a mere $5 billion in tax dollars to spend on Trump’s wall (which he continues to wrongly claim is already being built and that Mexico is paying for) and she capped it off with “America FIRST!”

Unfortunately for Lahren, Mari Copeny AKA ‘Little Miss Flint’ had a much better idea for how that money could be spent:

What could be more “America FIRST!” than spending money on American infrastructure we actually need?

Copeny’s devastating clapback racked up tons of likes and retweets:

And it’s a good thing, too. A real “America First” agenda would invest in something that benefits all of us. Reinforcing our public utilities, green energy resources, roads, public transportation, and other infrastructure would be a good start.

Boosting immigration, rather than curtailing it, would help, too. Studies show immigrants increase wages for all Americans, boost local economies, and are desperately needed to reinforce the social safety net when the number of retirees is rising and native birth rates are falling.

In other Tomi Lahren news, she recently returned to her old high school to awkwardly chat with administrators about whether she was a “real” conservative. Enjoy!

h/t: The Root