Little Trump Statues Encouraging Dogs To Pee On Them Show Up In New York

If you live in Brooklyn, you just might find yourself passing by a little bust of President Donald Trump sitting atop a piece of astroturf. On all sides of the base of the statuette are yellow signs that say “pee on me.” And that’s exactly what these busts are for—for dogs (and maybe humans? But no, that’s public indecency, don’t do that) to relieve themselves on, giving the owners the thrill of seeing Donald Trump get urinated on.

The signs reading “pee on me” also include the name of the company that made the statuettes, Porcupine Armadillo, which is, according to the website, a “brand content studio.” Gothamist contacted the creator, Phil Gable, to find out what inspired him to make these installations (aside from as an ad for his company).


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Thank you, #brooklyn ! Humor in a time of darkness. #peeonme #parkslope #publicart #fucktrump #goldenshower #pocupinearmadillo

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Gable told Gothamist,

“It was partly a public service. As a dog owner, I know people get understandably annoyed when dogs pee on their flower beds. But a dog’s instinct to pee where another dog has previously peed is quite strong. They need positive places to pee. If you reward them enough for peeing in appropriate places, that’s the best way to keep them from peeing in places that annoy people. So I sprayed the whole thing down with a dog potty-training aid to make it attractive to initial users. I think we’ll have critical mass very soon.”

Gable also told Gothamist about the psychotherapeutic effect he experienced from making and setting the statues up. He said it was “largely just a personal expression of [his] own disdain for Trump, both as a President and a human being.” He added that he finds it “cathartic” anytime he can express disdain through comedy, “especially if it’s related to politics.”

He also told an anecdote about something that happened while he was setting the statuettes up: “While I was setting it up, one woman came by with her two daughters. They really liked it—they took pictures with it, and she thanked me and said, ‘This is the kind of thing that makes me love Brooklyn.’ And being near people who appreciate this kind of thing on that kind of level makes me feel a little more hopeful.”

While little stunts like this don’t bring us any closer to getting rid of Trump, they do allow us to laugh and get a little anger out. Gable isn’t the only person to create street art dissing Trump. In September, Street artist Plastic Jesus put Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame “behind bars”—as in, he literally put bars over the star so it looked like it was in jail.

Street artists, keep it up. We can use all the laughs we can get right now. And please, please, please remember to vote on November 6.

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Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.