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Writer’s Simple But Genius Tip For Staying Safe In A Lyft Goes Viral

Getting from Point A to Point B has never been easier, thanks to ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft. But for women, safety issues have been an unfortunate reality, with horrifying stories of stalking, harassment, and sexual assault.

While Uber and Lyft has safety tips on their websites and built into their apps, like reminders to check license plate numbers and GPS trip-sharing, riders are always on the lookout for extra ways to stay secure.

One Twitter user’s Lyft safety tip has gone viral — and it’s so easy, everyone can do it.

Writer Tiffany D. Jackson posted on Twitter about a recent Lyft ride. She describes getting into the vehicle and quickly checking for child safety locks, or locks that can only be controlled by a driver or opened from the outside. These locks are typically in the used in the backset of cars to prevent kids from an accident. Jackson’s driver was impressed with her safety check, and said that he’d pass the tip along to his sister.

Jackson followed up by explaining that she’d been in a rideshare car before, and noticed the child locks were on — quickly leading her to suspect that something was amiss.

The tweet went viral, with many adding this safety tip to their Rolodex. Others shared similar Uber and Lyft safety tips, and methods of checking child safety locks and opening them from inside the car. Some told stories of their own creepy encounters with drivers and passengers.

Women have good reason to take their safety seriously. In April 2019, Samantha Josephson, 21, was killed after getting into a car after the driver posed as a fake Uber driver, prompting the company to write a lengthy blog post clarifying essential safety tips. Uber also allows riders to share their trip status and location with another trusted person, and allows riders to quickly use safety features directly from the app.