MAGA Teens Gleefully Disrespect Native Americans At Indigenous Peoples March

A truly disgusting scene took place in Washington D.C. this weekend at the Indigenous People’s March when a belligerent crowd of teenagers wearing MAGA hats surrounded an elderly protester to mock and intimidate him like the d*ckless losers they are.

The young idiots are apparently students at Covington Catholic High School, in Kentucky, which advertises itself as “Educating Young Men Spiritually, Academically, Physically and Socially” and may have been in D.C. for the March For Life.

In a sickening video of the incident the hooting MAGA teens with their partially formed brains crowd around the lone protester hooting and chanting at him.

One young MAGA teen with a sh*t-eating grin squares up to the elderly, drum-beating protester, standing uncomfortably close and smiling into his face while his friends hoot and jeer.

This goes beyond gross and unseemly behavior to downright disturbing. The glee this crowd of idiots clearly takes in bullying a handful of outnumbered minorities has disturbing implications for what they would do in another situation with fewer cameras and less accountability.

The racism and mob mentality on display is sickening.

According to one report from Twitter the protest was nearly concluded when the young douchelords surrounded the indigenous people, shouting “build the wall” and other Trump slogans. According to the tweet the MAGAheads were clearly seeking a confrontation and mocked the older indigenous man by dancing and chanting around him.

If these children are the future the world is in trouble.