This Guy Wants To Know If He Was Wrong For Abandoning His Girlfriend’s Inconvenient Dog

The subreddit AITA (r/AmItheA**hole) is completely captivating, even though it’s mostly petty lovers’ quarrels and new mothers being slightly rude to their mothers-in-law. It’s fun to read people’s different perspectives on what constitutes being an a**hole.

Then, every once in a while, an entry is so completely heinous that everybody unanimously agrees that YTA (You’re the a**hole). These entries give us a glimpse into the mind of the oblivious sociopath who wrote them and it can be terrifying.

Writer and Twitter queen Nicole Cliffe recently shared just such an entry, because reading this Reddit section is one of her favorite pastimes. She captioned the story with, “I would have murdered you, sir,” and when you read it you’ll see why.

Basically, this guy was traveling through Indonesia with his girlfriend. On their very first day of a three-week vacation, they were approached by a puppy on the beach, who the girlfriend started caring for. He says later in the story that they’d been traveling in general for about six months. The puppy started coming up to them frequently, then followed them back to their hotel. The girlfriend became attached:

The dog kept crying outside the hotel so the next day my gf took it to a local vet, got it’s rabies vaccine and tests which all came back clear and then the next night when the dog was crying, she let it in the apartment where it slept.

My gf then hit me with the bombshell the next day that she was going to spend a further 3 months in the country so that we could get the dog back to the UK. She’d spent hours researching and decided to break the journey home up into two very short flights and a ferry so that it’s less stress for the dog. She knew we needed to get the dog tested and vaccines and then keep it in the country for 3 months or it’d be quarantined alone when back in the UK.

The OP says the process for getting the dog back home is pretty expensive, but that his girlfriend HAS THE MONEY TO PAY FOR ALL OF THIS. He was still concerned because they’d been traveling so long and had no set jobs upon their return. He decided her mission was irresponsible and took matters into his own hands:

My gf went to do a day massage course and left me with the dog. I decided enough was enough and took the dog for a long long walk, put some food down for it before hopping on my bike and going back to the apartment. The dog didn’t find me after that.

My gf returned, I’d packed up to go to the next place and she panicked about the dog. I told her the truth, and why I’d done it and she was hysterical and went looking for the dog, like searching everywhere. She ended up breaking up with me, calling me a psycho and abandoned me in our apartment. I think I did the right thing but AITA?

Yeah, you can’t get rid of someone’s pet and expect they’ll be chill with that. The man has been firmly marked as an a**hole in the strongest terms on Reddit, and also on Twitter:

If you’re in a relationship, start with a conversation, then take the next step. Hint: the next step does not involve abandoning a helpless animal.