Man Creates A Funny Photo Story In His Camera So Anyone Who Finds It Has Gotta Return It

Author Andrew McDonald writes a blog full of handy tips, but this one is more elaborate than it is perhaps useful. He called his post “A Pictorial Guide to Avoiding Camera Loss.” First of all, who still owns a camera? Have you seen the new iPhone? It’s got more cameras than surface area. But McDonald does have a camera still, or claims to, and this s his method for melting the heart of anyone who comes across it when it is lost.

“All you have to do is take some photos – which you never delete from your camera – so when someone finds your camera at the bottom of the gorilla pit they are able to locate you and return the lost property to its rightful owner,” he writes.

Below are the 25 pictures that are guaranteed to help you avoid camera loss, assuming the person who “finds” your camera takes the time to scroll through them in order. (To be warned, there is a photo of McDonald in the bathtub. He’s mostly covered, but it is in there.)

Would you email him? Or just circulate the bath picture on Twitter?