Man Freaks Out When 200 Sheep Break Into His Yard And He Can’t Get Them Out

If you’ve ever thrown a party that got slightly out of hand, you know what it’s like trying to get people to leave. The worst offenders are any uninvited guests who crashed. After all, they don’t know you and they don’t really mind offending you. One man had a different kind of party animal crash in his backyard recently—a herd of hundreds of sheep.

Officials in the city of Lincoln, California have enlisted the help of an unlikely group to help them prevent wildfires—sheep.


The city uses the animals to graze in areas where wildfires might form or spread to create a kind of natural fire break. Unfortunately, this method can have some side effects.

Scott Russo of Lincoln, CA left his gate open so his daughters could watch the herd of sheep go about their business munching grass. Unfortunately, Scott forgot that his yard was covered in the very grass the sheep like to munch, and they broke in.

Soon he had over 200 sheep in his small backyard and he filmed himself trying (and failing) to shoo them away. Scott’s caption for the video, titled “OH No 200 sheep just stormed my backyard!” reads,

“We left our gate open on the green belt so our 4 and 5 y/o daughters could see the grazing sheep behind our house, they slowly came into the yard, before you know it we were over run by barn animals! Wife is freaking out!”

An exasperated Scott narrated the video, saying, “Jesus what do I do? I don’t know what to do!” At one point, Scott adopts a gruff old man voice to scream “Get off my lawn!” He even tries speaking to them in their own language, bleating, “Get outta here!”

Eventually Scott’s wife Erin grabbed one their kids’ tambourines to scare the sheep away and eventually they took the hint and left for greener pastures.

“I was horrified because my kids were outside so it turned serious,” she told CBS 13. “I feel a little irresponsible for leaving the gate open knowing there was livestock out back. But they were so skittish—I didn’t even think it was possible that they would storm our yard like that.”

And now you know.

In the future, maybe these two should remember the sheep code.


h/t: Thrillist, CBS 13