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‘Let Me Out!’—Man Pranks Grieving Family And Friends At His Own Funeral

Irish funerals have a reputation for being more like parties than somber occasions. And one Irish man in particular made sure he contributed to the celebration of life that was his own funeral—by recording a hilarious message to be played at the service.

Shay Bradley of Dublin was buried last week at a local cemetery. And as his coffin was being lowered into the ground, a message he had pre-recorded specifically for the ceremony played from a set of speakers.

“Let me out! Where the f*ck am I?! Hello, hello! Let me out, it’s f*cking dark in here,” he shouted over the recording. “Where the f*ck am I? Is that that priest I can hear?”

In a video posted on social media of the funeral, those gathered to mourn Bradley’s passing begin to laugh as the recording plays.

Family members, including Bradley’s daughter Andrea, were especially grateful that Bradley’s sense of humor was being celebrated.

Other social media users were inspired by Bradley’s “last laugh.”

Bradley, who had suffered from a long illness, prepared the stunt about a year ago and recorded the message with his son Jonathan’s help. In order to get the full effect, he banged on a coffee table beside him to mimic the sound of banging against a coffin lid.

“He wanted something special and for everyone to remember him as he was, so that everyone, especially my mother, did not leave the graveside sombre,” Jonathan said.

Andrea echoed Jonathan’s sentiment.

“My dad wanted us to leave the cemetery laughing, and to celebrate his life. He would love to know how many people he made laugh! He was an amazing character.”