Man Says Women Don’t Wear Makeup at Home So It Must Be For Him. Wrong.

Makeup has been around for thousands of years, and so has the argument over who people put makeup on for: themselves? Or for someone they want to attract? I don’t think it’s a perfect binary, but the debate rages on. In 2019, wearing makeup goes far beyond looking flawless. There are some very serious makeup artists out there who put on all sorts of looks to share online or just take pics of for their collection.

Both men and women wear makeup these days, of course, but historical women are called vain far more often. A Twitter user named @minhaj3m decided to take a swing at all the ladies painting their faces and wrote, “If u wear makeup for urself why dont u wear makeup at home.”

I guess the implication is that all the women who say they wear it for themselves are lying? And it is actually for him, a man? As are all things women do?

A Twitter user named @earth2ardo quote-tweeted him, writing, “This is so funny because girls be doing their most intricate looks just to sit at home.” And the responses to her tweet proved she was right.

There is an entire chain of woman after woman showing off their at-home lewks, and they’re pretty incredible. Most of them never saw the light of day—maybe because it’s more fun to take perfect selfies in your bathroom than wander the streets with butterflies glued to your face?

The girls have talent:

It’s also funny to imagine a woman showing up to a date with a Bane mask painted on, saying, “I DID THIS FOR YOU!!” Obviously, these women are all very good at putting on makeup and they enjoy it for all sorts of reasons. Maybe some have to do with being attractive, but it seems like overall they want to feel pretty when they look at themselves.

Some people tried to make the same overall point to the original poster, but he didn’t believe it. Probably because he’s sexist:

Ladies, don’t date a man who judges you wrong no matter what you do.