Man Throws Phone At Trump At NRA Convention

An audience member appears to have thrown a phone at Donald Trump as he was taking the stage at the NRA convention. According to The Hill the phone-tosser “appeared to be a Trump supporter” and was removed from the event.

People are saying the object was a phone but it’s unclear from the video exactly what it was. And while it appears to have been thrown in Trump’s general direction if it was meant to strike him it was one of the worst throws you’ll ever see.

Seriously this person could stand to take lessons from the Iraqi shoe-thrower who launched two expertly-thrown shoes at George Bush in 2008 that the then president just barely dodged.

Lastly, who throws a phone? Assaulting someone with a electronic device that contains all of your personal and identifying information and that you probably need for many other things is….an interesting choice.

Maybe he was just trying to get Trump’s number.

In his remarks to the NRA Trump promised that the U.S. would pull out of the UN Arms Treaty and, for some reason, also bragged about his efforts to destroy Obamacare.

There was more than a little irony in a projectile being launched at someone at a convention hosted by the NRA, an organization that exists to protect and promote the right to launch projectiles.

But it was only a phone and not something more dangerous because, unlike in many states with open-carry laws, the NRA doesn’t allow people to just walk in with a weapon.

The NRA is currently embroiled in a corruption scandal so they will perhaps welcome the distraction that the phone-chucker so kindly provided.

h/t: The Hill