Mark Hamill Trolls Trump For Telling His 10,000th Lie

The crossover we’ve all been waiting for. 

According to a new story in the Washington Post Donald Trump has told over 10,000 lies since taking office less than three years ago.

The staggering number led to sarcastic congratulations from one of his most ardent detractors, George Conway, husband of senior Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway. Conway has made headlines in the past for tearing into Trump for his hypocrisy and incompetence and for recently coining the nickname “Deranged Donald.”

According to Conway, in his mock plaudits, Trump’s outsized mendacity was “an amazing accomplishment!!!”

Conway was backed up in his cheeky roast by none other than Star Wars legend Mark Hamill, who is no stranger to roasting Trump himself.

Since Twitter is a democracy the less famous but equally fed up quickly chimed in to offer their “congratulations.”