Meghan McCain Called Out Sick After Being Mocked Online And People Have Jokes

Meghan McCain was missing from the latest episode of The View after a weekend of mockery from the internet over her comments last week about Representative Ilhan Omar and antisemitism. In case you missed it, McCain brought out the waterworks last Thursday, calling Omar’s criticisms of Israel “scary” and claiming that this issue is very important to her because she has some Jewish friends. McCain is not Jewish herself.

This resulted in internet users – Jewish and gentile alike – making fun of her all weekend long for what some called an attempt to make a complex issue all about her and her very important feelings. A Jewish comic artist, Eli Valley, even got her to respond to the criticism with a single-panel comic depicting McCain crying while claiming to be Jewish and surrounded by stereotypically Jewish things and books explaining Jewish history and culture.

McCain called the comic “one of the most anti-semitic things I’ve ever seen.”

Seeing as the comic was created by a Jewish man who supports Rep. Omar and her position on Israel, her response only intensified the mockery.

Then, on Monday, she was absent from The View along with Whoopi Goldberg, who is currently battling double pneumonia, which sounds horrific. The other co-hosts did not say what illness was keeping McCain from doing her job today, only saying that she was “out sick.”

Twitter has some ideas.

Being “sick” didn’t keep McCain from promoting her a lie-filled rant about how Democrats totally love murdering babies that she helped write for the Wall Street Journal, however. Twitter isn’t too impressed with that, either.

On a more positive note, other people noticed just how good The View was without McCain’s tears all over it.

Remember, the best way to prevent callout-related illness is to get off the air and stop saying things that are so easy to mock. Talk to your doctor about not being an ignorant mess today.