Meghan McCain Gets Savaged For Praising Trump’s ‘Brilliant’ War On Christmas Lie

Last night, Trump did what he always does when he’s feeling a little under siege from reality—he ensconced himself in the comfortable, flattering, lily-white cocoon of another self-serving rally.

He might have been in Tampa, Florida in the middle of summer, but Trump sure was feeling the Christmas spirit. Last night, an increasingly desperate Trump pulled out one of his greatest hits (i.e. the culture war garbage he uses to stoke his rabid fanbase). He regaled the adoring crowd with the story of how he fought and won the “War on Christmas” (to date the only war he’s fought in).

“Remember, I said, it’s awfully early to be thinking this, but I always think it. Remember the attack on Merry Christmas? They’re not attacking it anymore. Everyone’s happy to say ‘Merry Christmas,’ right? Merry Christmas! That was under siege. You’d have these big department stores that say ‘happy holidays.’ They say where’s the ‘Merry Christmas?’ Now they’re all putting up ‘Merry Christmas’ again. And that’s because only because of our campaign.”

The ladies of The View decided to weigh in on Trump’s “Christmas in July: today. Most of the hosts were just as perplexed as I am as to why the hell we’re talking about Christmas in the dog days of Summer, but Meghan McCain was happy to explain.

“The ‘War on Christmas’—I worked at Fox for years— and the ‘War on Christmas’ is a real siren song on the right. If you don’t know what that means, there’s sort of an assault on saying ‘Merry Christmas’ and Christian beliefs. I have never once said ‘Merry Christmas; to anyone anywhere and been told I offended them. So I always thought it was ridiculous. It is something people on the right in some areas of the country really, really think is a big thing. They don’t want Christmas going away.”

Sunny Hostin cut right to the chase “But is it real?” She asked. (Reader, it is not.)

Whoopi Goldberg patiently explained to McCain why people or even companies like Starbucks opting to say “Happy Holidays” over “Merry Christmas” doesn’t constitute a “War on Christmas”:

“One of the great things about this democracy is you can have your belief system be whatever you want. If I meet somebody, I say happy holidays because I don’t know if they’re Christians, I don’t know if the they’re Jews … So I say happy holidays,” she said, adding that companies have “have millions of people coming in and out.” “You have no idea. So people try to be tolerant. So whatever you believe, they feel they have covered it,” she continued. “You can’t tell me I’m at war with you because I’m not saying ‘Merry Christmas.’”

Unfortunately, McCain’s feelings—and the feelings of so many falsely aggrieved Republicans who insist the world reflect their views—don’t care about facts.

“You also can’t tell someone they can’t say ‘Merry Christmas!’” McCain spat, addressing a straw man argument literally no one has ever made.

When Hostin and Goldberg pointed out that, again, this is not a thing that happens, a rapidly blinking McCain insisted it just had to be real because they were talking about it. Moreover she praised Trump for bringing it up (it is now August).

“I think the ‘War on Christmas’ is a real thing that’s going on in our culture because we’re having a debate about it around this table so he’s brilliant to do it right now!”

“It’s a B.S. debate!” Goldberg responded.

That’s right, the president of the United States is “brilliant” for stoking false religious grievance with a stale, bullshit talking point just because Republicans believe the lie.

Watch McCain get dunked on repeatedly here:

h/t: Raw Story