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Melania’s Christmas Decorations Are Horrifying For Second Year In A Row

She’s done it again, folks. FLOTUS Melania Trump has decorated the White House for Christmas in what a lot of people see as a dark and sinister fashion. Last year, it was stark branches. This year it’s a blood forest of blood trees. Should we be worried?

A video tweeted by Melania shows her admiring the decorations (including a #BeBest ornament!) in what she refers to as the “People’s House.”

Twitter: Melania Trump/FLOTUS

She tweeted a few pictures, too.

The critics (by which I mean Twitter) have responded, and pretty much everyone thinks the red trees are reminiscent of The Shining or The Handmaid’s Tale.

Melania didn’t exactly hit it out of the park in 2017 either, according to Twitter. But last year, the comparisons veered more toward The Nightmare Before Christmas.

And someone else saw a lot of Blair Witch Project in Melania’s inspiration.

This year, Samantha Bee and her show Full Frontal responded to Melania’s decorations by asking that he stop tear-gassing kids.

What a joy that would truly be.

In the meantime, these nightmarish decorations are actually fairly apt for this terrifying administration.


Written by Dean Altman

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.