The Internet Is Screaming Over This 11-Year-Old Girl’s Savage Texts To Her Ex-Boyfriend

You never forget your first love, and you really never forget your first breakup.

Twitter user Mia Martin (@mia_martin30) posted screenshots of texts between her 11-year-old sister and her ex, affectionately saved in her phone as “Dick Face,” and it will remind you why breaking up is hard to do:

Twitter: @mia_martin30


Twitter: @mia_martin30



Also…why in the world does an 11-year-old have an iPhone?

Anyway, Twitter had feelings about the exchange:

Oy! Sorry to tell ya girl, but dealing with men doesn’t get much easier in your teens.

Or your twenties.

Or thirties…


This article first appeared on Someecards.

Written by Jason Mustian

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