Mike Huckabee Made Another Offensively Unfunny Joke, Much To Twitter’s Delight

Former Arkansas Governor, two-time failed presidential candidate, and current dad of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Mike Huckabee will not stop doing “jokes” despite his proven inability to be funny.

Who could forget when his L.A.-Nashville was temporarily quarantined due to a sick passenger last summer, and he joked, “Hope it’s not because I got that straw in CA!” in a cheeky attempt at dragging Dems for banning plastic straws in California? Or when he “joked” about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg‘s decision to miss out Trump’s first State of the Union address (misspelling her name in the process) due to her not being allowed to bring her breathing apparatus into the House Chamber? Or his weird anal joke tweet from last year?

In fact, Huckabee’s jokes are so notoriously bad that they’ve taken on a life of their very own within Real comedy. “Huckabee has the humor of a serial killer who writes into a police station to tell them where to find the body” stand-up comedian Jena Friedman accurately summarized to The Daily Beast.

Huckabee cannot, and will not, be stopped. Here’s a tweet from Thursday morning that proves it:

“I have a new nickname for the current crop of @realDonaldTrump hating, wall-averse Democrats,” wrote Huckabee. “‘The Wimpy Democrats.'” Nice. He went on to clarify, because good jokes always need clarification: “I mean like Wimpy from the old ‘Popeye’ cartoons: ‘We will gladly give you border security Tuesday for legalizing another 11 million illegal immigrants today!'” Again, nice.

And here’s how people replied:

In case you didn’t know (it’s fine, nobody does), Huckabee also has an offensively unfunny YouTube talk show called ‘Huckabee,’ which is summarized perfectly below:

TLDR: Mike Huckabee still sucks.