Mike Pence Gets Slammed For Condemning First Muslim Congresswoman Over ‘Bigotry’

Just to catch you up, freshman Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar made some bad tweets about AIPAC, apologized for them, and then the president called on her to resign or step down from her position on the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Today, Omar responded to Trump’s call for her resignation by highlighting his unapologetic history of “trafficking in hate”:

Vice President Mike Pence decided to join the conservative pile-on over Rep. Ilhan Omar’s AIPAC tweets, echoing his Trump’s call for her resignation:

“Anti-Semitism has no place in the United States Congress, or anywhere in our country or the free world,” Pence said. “Unless Representative Omar resigns from Congress, at minimum Democrat leaders should remove her from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.”

First of all, Rep. Omar explained her tweets were only intended to criticize AIPAC as a lobbying group and not to suggest some shadowy Jewish-led conspiracy. Secondly, Mike Pence obviously has no moral standing to demand “consequences” for anti-Semitic rhetoric from anyone after he’s failed—repeatedly—to condemn any of President Trump’s many, many anti-Semitic statements.

Just to give you a taste of the gobsmacking Republican hypocrisy on display, here are some of Trump & company’s most anti-Semitic moments (starts around the 1:45 mark)—none of which Pence thought deserved similar consequences:

Like his boss yesterday, Mike Pence got lit up on Twitter for the glaring double standard on display when it comes to condemning bigotry:

Of course, there’s another reason Pence and Republicans might not want Omar on the Foreign Affairs Committee—she’s good at her job. Today Omar grilled Trump Venezuela Special Envoy Elliott Abrams for his support of Latin American military forces responsible for brutal massacres during the Reagan administration and his role in covering up their abuses. Abrams was also convicted of withholding information from Congress following the Iran-Contra investigation and then pardoned by George H.W. Bush.

It’s pretty clear who deserves more scrutiny and who’s getting a pass.

h/t: CNN, The Intercept