Mike Pence Promotes Anti-Abortion Movie Account That Pushes QAnon Conspiracy Theory

Conservatives are up in arms over alleged “censorship” of a Twitter account promoting the anti-abortion movie Unplanned. The account was apparently blocked by Twitter, but then reinstated. As is often the case when a blocked account gets reinstated, it mistakenly displays its follower account as zero and takes some time before it regains its usual followers.

Parker Molloy explained the phenomenon and chronicled the Unplanned account regaining its followers in a series of tweets.

The process is glitchy, to be sure. These glitches are not, as several prominent conservatives allege, evidence of some dastardly conspiracy by big tech companies to “silence” a movie that’s only appearing on a handful of screens nationwide.

Still, high-level Republicans including Trump’s ambassador to Germany and GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw were more than happy to add their voices to the chorus of conspiracy theorists insisting Twitter was up to no good.

Vice President Mike Pence, decided to take a different tack, praising the film in a tweet.

The account repaid Pence’s kindness by tweeting out a QAnon hashtag and slogan, WWG1WGA, which stands for “Where we go one, we go all.” (They tweet was later deleted with no explanation.)


Obviously, this isn’t the first time someone in the White House has promoted accounts affiliated with the bizarre conspiracy theory, which claims high-profile Democrats are behind a massive child trafficking ring and will be brought to justice by Trump. The president himself has hosted a QAnon true believer in the White House and retweeted QAnon accounts several times.

One reason this keeps happening is because the distinction between the fever swamp fringes of the conservative movement and the mainstream of Republican politics has almost completely eroded. The GOP response has been to either ignore or downplay the spread of conspiracy theorists in their ranks or to court their support. (After all, it seems to have worked out for them with the birther-in-chief in the Oval Office, at least for now.)

The few times they do manage to call out the fact-free ravings of the QAnon crowd and others, they still can’t bring themselves to denounce the conspiracy theories that fuel them.

h/t: Mediaite