Alt-Right Troll Milo Is ‘Rattled’ After Getting Yelled Out Of An NYC Bar For Being ‘Nazi Scum’

Milo Yiannopoulos, the former Breitbart employee and incendiary conservative troll who fancies himself something of a “provocateur,” is just now realizing what happens when you spend your career spouting off ideas that offend everybody: people get pissed.

Milo was apparently at a bar in Manhattan recently when the bar patrons (many of whom were members of the Democratic Socialists of America) began chanting “Nazi scum get out.”

Milo eventually left the bar in a perfectly calm and collected fashion, and no physical intimidations appear to have been made. However, he later recalled the incident on his Instagram, claiming that he was afraid of getting “hurt or killed” and that the situation “was about to escalate into something ugly.”

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Milo’s Instagram caption claims that he was “shoved” out of the establishment, even though the above clip clearly illustrates that he left of his own volition and was (seemingly) not physically assaulted by anyone in the bar:

I was just shoved and screamed at by a big group in a pub in Manhattan and forced out of the place. One of them was a reporter for Gizmodo. They were screaming at the top of their lungs about “Nazis” and “KKK”. Initially I was going to stay put obviously but they blocked me from my table and my bag and yelled at me to leave and it was about to escalate into something ugly. It rattled me a little bit (just slightly!), perhaps because I have something to lose in life now. My first thought was John and not getting myself hurt or killed. I don’t know how I’d explain to my black husband that I got hurt for being a “white supremacist”. I didn’t have security with me so I had to just get out of there. I won’t name the place we were at because the staff were really understanding and cool about it. But jeez. It’s now impossible for me to safely go out for lunch in most major cities in America because I supported Trump at the last election and don’t like feminism.

Considering the fact that most of Yiannopoulos’ latest trollish ventures (all of which aim to “empower” white men) have crashed and burned, it’s entirely plausible that this is simply an attempt at reminding everyone that he exists.

However, it’s also pretty evident that perpetuating hate speech has consequences, namely karma. If you base your existence on peddling regressive and offensive ideas and priding yourself on trolling other people, can you really claim to be shocked when the general public yells at you?

If so, I’m pretty sure that makes YOU the “snowflake.”