Twitter Is Dunking On Mitt Romney For The Bizarre Way He Blows Out Birthday Candles

Former Republican presidential nominee and current Utah Senator Mitt Romney celebrated his 72nd birthday on Tuesday with a cake made of Twinkies, which he called his “favorite snack.”

And while this is somewhat unusual (albeit whimsical) in itself, it was Romney’s unique—nay, controversial—method of blowing out the candles that really caught Twitter’s attention.

The former governor of Massachusetts picked up each of the candles and blew them out, one by one. He posted the video to Twitter, where he was instantly roasted for his “deeply weird” and “non-human” candle-blowing technique.

Some argued that Romney was simply avoiding getting his saliva all over his birthday treat—a courteous maneuver, considering it is flu season.

…While others aren’t so sure.

In my personal and humble opinion, Romney himself makes the greatest point of all for his uncommon cake approach, but y’all ain’t ready for that conversation: “These are all wishes I’m getting,” he says, picking each individual candle off of the Twinkie cake. “All these wishes.”

h/t Twitter