Molly Ringwald Thanks Southwest Airlines Crew For Saving Her Dad’s Life

Airlines aren’t always known for being terribly helpful. In fact, some of them can be downright antagonistic. However, the crew of a recent Southwest flight, who went above and beyond in the face of a medical emergency, is now garnering praise from none other than ’80s screen queen Molly Ringwald.

Apparently, Ringwald’s father, Bob, was on a Southwest flight last week when he experienced a health scare. Apparently, the crew sprang into action and the plane made an emergency landing, which Ringwald claims saved her father’s life.

Ringwald took to Twitter to thank the airline.

Apparently, Bob Ringwald is now recovering from a bout of pneumonia and is expected to return home within a week. Southwest is currently looking to recognize the crew members who proved to be so invaluable during his health scare.

While this is certainly admirable of the Southwest crew, not all flights have been so accommodating of medical emergencies.

The family of a 25-year-old woman who went into cardiac arrest on an American Airlines flight is currently suing the company for refusing to make an emergency landing, resulting in the young woman’s death.

This unfortunate incident, which occurred several years ago, is a reminder that airlines must take their passengers’ medical complaints seriously. Judging from the Southwest’s crew’s recent commendable behavior, they are endeavoring to do just that.